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How many miles can I expect out of a Hino?

One of the most often asked questions to a Hino Salesperson is “how many miles can I expect to get on a Hino truck”. Like most things, it varies from truck to truck; a lot depends on maintenance, location, weather and drivers. The industry standard seems to be 350,000 miles before major overhaul. Some brands get less and some much more.

Hino trucks on average run about 750,000 before they are “used up”. Even then after serving a useful life most are sent to Latin America and rebuilt for the second half of their life.

Our customer Danny Zheng (“Lucky Truck Rental”, Chicago, IL), brought in a Hino FE 2620, 2004 with 937,000 miles. He didn’t want to know how much it was worth he just wanted some lights fixed and a brake job. His intent is to continue driving this truck another 2 years before retiring the unit. The engine has never been overhauled and still runs strong. Sitting in our yard we have had several inquiries to buy this old truck even with all those miles. Sometimes looks are not everything.

We believe that this is not just a fluke but a pretty good testament to the engineering that goes into a Hino. Change oil, lube chassis and keep up with the minor repairs and the truck will service you for years and years, mile after mile.