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Hino of Chicago

155 Cab-Over Engine Announcement

Hino of Chicago

Hino Trucks is pleased to announce the introduction of the 155 Cab-Over Engine into the Hino Trucks family!
The 155 model has a GVWR of 14,500 lbs and is powered by Hino’s award winning J05E-TP engine rated at 210 HP. The Class 4 cab-over also comes standard with an industry leading 5-year, 175,000 mile Powertrain warranty, Hino’s 24 hour-7 day a week roadside assistance program HinoWatch, and HinoCare; Hino’s two year or 60,000 miles preventative care program.
Hino will also offer a double cab version of the class 4, marketed as the 155-DC model. 
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Hino Trucks celebrates 30 years in the United States

Hino of Chicago

Hino Trucks reached a milestone of 30 years in business in the United States. Founded in 1984 as a limited distributorship with responsibility for importing class 4 through 7 cab-over trucks, Hino has evolved into a prominent U.S. company with a dealer network of more than 200 points, assembly and manufacturing facilities in Williamstown, WV and Marion, AR, with eight locations throughout the country.